• DAY 1,2,3


    Financial Statement Analysis

    • Analysis of financial position and financial performance
    • Interpretation of financial statements – key principles
    • Ratio analysis:

                Profitability ratios
                Efficiency and working capital ratios
                Liquidity ratios
                Investment ratios
                Financial structure ratios
                Integration of ratios : Dupont system

    • Common size trend analysis
    • Financial distress
    • The shortcomings of financial statements for analysis
    Inventory Analysis
    • Inventory valuation methods and impact on ratio analysis
    • LIFO reserve and LIFO liquidation
    • LIFO to FIFO conversion
    Long Lived Assets Analysis
    • Capitalizing vs. Expensing
    • Depreciation methods and impact on ratio analysis
    • Impairment and revaluation
    • Leasing vs. Purchasing
    • Finance lease vs. Operating lease


    Dividend Discount Cash Flow Analysis

    • P/E ratio analysis
    • P/BV ratio analysis
    • P/S ratio analysis
    • P/CF ratio analysis
    Capital Budgeting
    • DCF techniques
    • NPV, IRR, MIRR

    Corporate Analysis

    Capital Budgeting
    • DCF techniques
    • NPV, IRR, MIRR
    • Project valuation
    • Replacement vs. expansion
    Capital Structure
    • Debt payout vs. share repurchases
    • Dividend tax assumptions
    • Factors influencing dividend policy
    • Dividend sustainability

This workshop develops skills, tools and techniques required to analyze business decisions. Participants will review the full accounting cycles, the full range of financial statements, and how to properly review all financial data. Participants will learn how to better utilize financial statements, ratios and multiples to value firms and projects, and understand capital structure and evaluate impact of dividend policy. A strong focus will be given to ratio and statement analysis as well as the theory to develop critical thinking and analysis capabilities of the attendees.

This training will allow participants to:
  • Learn advanced concepts in finance
  • Analyze financial statements and interpret findings
  • Apply advanced models of company valuation
  • Implement ratio analysis in the valuation process
  • Understand capital structures and financing options
  • Understand impact of dividend policy


In addition to the valuable knowledge and the skills participant will get:

  • Certificate of course completion
Target Audience:
  • Financial Managers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Investment Bankers
  • Auditors
  • Security Analysts
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Credit Analysts
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DAY 1,2,3 , MondayFrom6:00 Pm
To9:00 Pm
DAY 1,2,3 , WednesdayFrom6:00 Pm
To9:00 Pm
DAY 1,2,3 , FridayFrom6:00 Pm
To9:00 Pm
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