• Day 1,2
    Analysis and Interpretation of Basic Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
    • Introduction to Financial Statements 
    • Classification and Structure of Statement of Accounts 
    • Fundamental Accounting Concepts and Applications 
    • Ratio Analysis and Interpretation 
    • Limitations of Financial and Accounting Ratios
    Managerial and Cost Accounting
    • Identification of Cost Drivers and Cost Terminology 
    • Break-Even Analysis 
    • Cost-Profit-Volume 
    • Analysis Leverage Analysis
    Understanding the Time Value of Money (TVM)
    • Introduction to TVM 
    • Examination of TVM Rules and Assumptions 
    • Valuation of Different Cash Flow Streams
    Financing and Capital Structure
    • What is a Capital Structure? 
    • Types of Financing Instruments 
    • Debt Financing 
    • Equity Financing 
    • Debt vs. Equity Financing

Finance for non-finance professionals targets all senior and upper management professionals striving to understand the fundamentals of finance. This course focuses on making executive and strategic decisions based on better financial understanding.

This training will allow participants to:
  • Develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals of finance
  • Understand the basic accounting model and its limitations
  • Develop the ability to understand financial statements
  • Utilize management accounting tools for business decision making
  • Set financial targets and align them to long term objectives
  • Understand different valuation techniques
  • Understand capital structure and financing options


In addition to the valuable knowledge and the skills participant will get:

  • Certificate of course completion


Target Audience:
  • Marketing executives
  • Sales executives
  • HR executives
  • Operations managers
  • IT managers
  • Department heads
  • Professionals from specialized sectors (lawyers, physicians, pharmacists..)
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Day 1,2 , WednesdayFrom6:00 Pm
To9:00 Pm
Day 1,2 , FridayFrom6:00 Pm
To9:00 Pm
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