• DAY 1,2,3

    The workshop will cover the following: 

    Best Practices In financial Modeling
    • Structure your model using separate tabs for inputs, calculations, and outputs
    • Build the foundations of your model by determining the objectives, the flow of information, and by defining outputs, inputs  and variables
    • Validate and avoid misinterpretation through documentation
    • Looks matter! Learn cell formatting techniques to lighten up your model: naming cells, color coding, and conditional formatting
    • Make your model more user friendly through consistency, clarity, and simplicity
    • Secure your model and make it easier to navigate its content by hiding and un-hiding tabs
    • Build in functionality in your model through advanced formulas: LOOKUP functions, project evaluation formulas, and useful functions
    • Use powerful Excel tools to make your model easier to create: PivotTables, arrays and buttons, Drop Down boxes, Goal Seek and Scenario Analysis
    Valuation Techniques
    • Time value of money
    • Absolute and relative valuation techniques
    • Enterprise and equity value
    • Weighted Average Cost of Capital
    • Discount Cash Flow model
    • Terminal cash flows, growth and terminal values
    • Financing options and debt instruments
    Building your Model
    • Set up the financial statements, starting with the income statement, followed by the balance sheet and the cash flow statement
    • Forecast the income statement based on cost drivers, revenue drivers, assets, CAPEX and depreciation forecasts
    • Forecast the balance sheet based on drivers for balance sheet items, the working capital, assets, loans, cash, and retained earnings
    • Forecast the cash flow statement by forecasting the cash flow from operating activities, the cash flow from investing activities, and the cash flow from financing activities.

This training will allow participants to:

  • Acquire best practices in financial modeling.
  • Forecast and interpret balance sheets, cash flow, and income statements
  • Gain knowledge of valuation techniques, DCF Valuations, M&A and LBO know-how
  • Develop multi-scenario and sensitivity analysis capabilities
  • Design and structure comprehensive financial models and link financial statements 



In addition to the valuable knowledge and the skills participant will get:

  • Certificate of course completion

Target Audience:

  • Financial analysts
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Corporate accountants
  • Credit analysts
  • Corporate finance analysts
  • Risk managers
  • Management consultants
  • Investment bankers
  • Strategic planners
  • Private equity managers
  • Venture capitalists
To Be Announced
DAY 1,2,3 , MondayFrom6:00 Pm
To9:00 Pm
DAY 1,2,3 , WednesdayFrom6:00 Pm
To9:00 Pm
DAY 1,2,3 , FridayFrom6:00 Pm
To9:00 Pm
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